The seller, at the time of sale, becomes the note holder. We set up an investment portal where note holders are able to monitor their investments in real time and we are able to respond to questions or concerns raised by the note holders promptly, efficiently and effectively. We can address changes in circumstances, family emergencies and other contingencies in a nimble manner wherein the note holders are always able to take possession of their sale proceeds when needed (with the caveat that there are tax ramifications attendant thereto).

Michael J. Burwick, Esq. is a respected authority on tax deferral strategies and is one of the few experts in the country on both 1031 exchanges and Deferred Sales Trusts™. He has been a trusted fiduciary to high net worth clients for more than twenty years. He has extensive experience as an attorney and as a trustee. His breadth and depth of experience in these areas and as his reputation as a highly ethical and meticulous practitioner make him exceptionally well qualified to perform the functions of a DST trustee.

Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC provides trust and trust-related services  pursuant to the Deferred Sales Trust™ or "DST" strategy. The DST strategy is a proprietary tax strategy that utilizes Section 453 of the Internal Revenue Code or "IRC." IRC Sec. 453 is the Installment Sale section of the Code.  

The DST strategy employs the Installment Sale provision to allow sellers of highly-appreciated property such as real estate (either investment real estate or owner-occupied real estate), artwork and other high-end collectibles and going-concern businesses, to defer their federal and state capital gains tax obligations and related taxes upon the sale in a manner that places the entire proceeds from the sale into risk-adjusted investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance products, REITs and other alternative investments.  

The seller dictates the repayment schedule of the principal derived from the sale in a manner that works best for the seller's unique circumstances and lifestyle. The pro-rata taxes upon the principal are paid as the seller receives the sale proceeds. Thus, the seller is able (1) to time his or her tax obligations, (2) to have the entire proceeds of a sale invested in a manner that reflects the risk tolerance of the seller and (3) to derive steady, reliable income from the diversified investments made by the trust.

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Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC purchases highly-appreciated assets from sellers and then sells to third-party buyers. In return we, as trustees, take the sale proceeds and use a highly-skilled team of investment advisers who work in conjunction with the seller's investment team to invest the proceeds in a manner that follows the seller's general investment guidelines and risk tolerance, agreed to prior to the sale. The seller receives a note that contains the seller's legal rights, such as the repayment schedule and the interest rate paid to the seller / note-holder. 

Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC

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Michael J. Burwick, Esq.


Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC

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Mr. Burwick has presided over hundreds of tax deferred transactions as an attorney and as a trustee. In 2010, Mr. Burwick became interested in the Deferred Sales Trust™ as a complementary tax deferral strategy to the 1031 exchange and, since that time, he has been instrumental in educating taxpayers and legal, tax and financial professionals throughout the country on the use of The Deferred Sales Trust™ as an alternative and/or complement to the 1031 exchange and other tax-deferral and estate planning strategies. This has been made possible through an affiliation with the Estate Planning Team, Inc. ("EPT"). EPT is the exclusive licensor of the DST Strategy and, together with Campbell Tax Law, the law firm that conceived of the DST concept, EPT owns the intellectual property to the DST Strategy. Over the years, Mr. Burwick has been both a formal and an informal legal advisor to EPT on matters ranging from tax law to securities compliance. Mr. Burwick is an affiliate of the Estate Planning Team and Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC is one of only a handful of approved trust administration firms that is licensed to serve as a trustee for DST sellers / note holders.

Mr. Burwick earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences, magna cum laudeand with Distinction in the field of Sociology. While at Boston University, he was the two-time winner of the Diedre H. Symington Sociology Prize. Mr. Burwick went on to distinguish himself at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, graduating with his J.D. in 1995, cum laude. At Georgetown Law, he served on the Editorial Board of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, the preeminent publication devoted to the subject of ethics and law, and was published in the Journal in 1994. Mr. Burwick attended the MBA program at the Leonard N. Stern Graduate School of Business at New York University and returned to Georgetown Law to obtain an LL.M. in Taxation and a second LL.M. in Securities Law and Financial Regulation. Both of these degrees were awarded with multiple honors including the CALI Award for Excellence in the field of Financial Accounting for Attorneys.

Mr. Burwick has served as an Assistant Attorney General, as Legal Counsel to the United States House of Representatives, and as Counsel to the national law firm, Day Pitney LLP. He currently practices law with the Wagner Law Group ( and is involved in a multitude of business ventures.

Mr. Burwick's written work has appeared in NSCP's Currents, Law360, LawForChange, The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, The New York Real Estate Journal, The New England Real Estate Journal, The Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal, Forbes, The American Spectator, The Jacksonville Business Journal, The Hilton Head Island Packet, Bluffton Today, Parcbench and in syndicated columns in WorldNetDaily. Mr. Burwick has been quoted in The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald, among other publications. 

He has also been a regular speaker at legal, accounting and financial services industry events including the "2013 Red Flag Seminar" in New York, NY. From 2007-09, he was co-host of "The Financial Consultants with Birnbaum and Burwick," a daily business, law and public affairs program. He has appeared several times on the Fox News Channel and has served as a legal and compliance expert to an array of other national networks and programs.

Mr. Burwick is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia (active), in Florida (inactive) and before the United States Tax Court.  He is also a candidate for Admission on Motion to the Massachusetts Bar.

Mr. Burwick serves on the Board of Directors of Autism Speaks and is the Chairman of Corporate Development at Autism Speaks. He also serves on the Georgetown University Law Advisory Board. Mr. Burwick is actively involved in a wide array of other charitable, philanthropic, religious and civic organizations, too numerous to list. Michael lives in Weston, Massachusetts with his wife and children and a large, black standard poodle named Achilles.